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Heroic Duo Son Gohan - TB2-003 - C - Foil

Heroic Duo Son Gohan - TB2-003 - C - Foil

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Extra Info

Card Name: Heroic Duo Son Gohan
Card Number: TB2-003
Character: Son Gohan: Adolescence
Color: Red
Combo Energy: 0
Combo Power: 5000
Era: The Evil Wizard Babidi Saga
Power: 1000
Rarity: C
Skill: [Auto] When you play this card, choose up to 1 of your opponent's Battle Cards with 10000 or less power and KO it.
Special Traits: Saiyan/Earthling/World Tournament
Type: Battle
Energy(Color Cost): 2[R]
Set Name: World Martial Arts Tournament
Finish: Foil

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