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Negate Attack - SD09-EN033 - Common - 1st Edition

Negate Attack - SD09-EN033 - Common - 1st Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. [Re: Amazoness Archers] If either player chains 'Negate Attack' to 'Amazoness Archers', the Battle Phase ends because of 'Negate Attack''s effect. [Re: Ambush Fangs] If you activate 'Ambush Fangs', and the attacking monster's attack is negated by a card chained to 'Ambush Fangs ('Negate Attack', etc.), you cannot place a Venom Counter on the monster that attacked. [Re: Anteatereatingant] If you attack with 'Anteatereatingant' and the attack is negated with 'Negate Attack', or a replay happens and you decide not to attack again, 'Anteatereatingant' is still considered to have declared an attack. So you cannot activate its effect during Main Phase 2. [Re: Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning] If 'Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning' attacks, and its attack is negated by 'Magic Cylinder' or 'Negate Attack', you cannot activate his first effect during Main Phase 2. [Re: Elemental Hero Wildheart] If you attack with 'Elemental Hero Wildheart' and the opponent activates 'Widespread Ruin', if 'Elemental Hero Wildheart' is your monster with the highest ATK, no monster will be destroyed by the effect of 'Widespread Ruin'. If the opponent activates 'Mirror Force', 'Elemental Hero Wildheart' will not be destroyed, but all your other Attack Position monsters will be destroyed. If the opponent activates 'Negate Attack', his attack will not be negated, and the Battle Phase will not end. If the opponent activates 'Magic Cylinder', his attack will not be negated and no Effect Damage will be dealt.
Passcode: 14315573
Set: Structure Deck
Card Number: SD09-EN033
Card Text: Activate only when your opponent's monster declares an attack. Negate the attack of that 1 monster and end the Battle Phase.
Monster Type:
Rarity: Common
Card Type: Counter Trap
Attribute: Trap
Name: Negate Attack
Edition: 1st
Pendulum Scale:

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