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*Please address all buylist submissions to our new address:*


 We Are Always Buying

Here at CoreTCG, we pride ourselves on having the best, most extensive buylist around. If you don't see
something that you want to sell to us, please do not hesitate to contact us at We
respond to all questions within one business day. No collection is too large or small for us and we are
happy to make offers on anything.

Things to Remember:

* Failure to follow any of our guidelines will result in a 20% deduction of your total amount (no exceptions). 

* We do not allow payment pick ups at our store. You may drop off your buy order but as far as payment is concerned, it will be issued accordingly. Read Below. 

* We offer payment via Check, PayPal, and/or Store Credit. We strongly advise to select PayPal as your payment option because checks include the posibility of getting delayed and/or lost in the mail. If Checks are reported undelivered and/or lost. There will be a 90 day wait in order to resend a new one, also note a fee may apply.  For more information, please click here..

* Please do not send any damaged or played cards. If a card is received with a bent, crease, dent or edge wear, it will be consider damaged or heavily played condition, it will be removed from your buy order and you are to contact us immediatly after you receive the grading confirmation email to let us know if you wish to have that card returned to you. We will ship it back at the customer's expense. The customer is responsible for notifying us immediatly or we will dispose of the card(s) as soon as the correspondent buy order is paid for, and will not be responsible after this time frame. 

* If you have any questions or concerns about selling cards to us or have feedback on how we can improve our buylist, feel free to contact us via email at

Please do not send any cards that have the letters "A,E,OR AE next to the set number or any cards that have the Asian logo on the back of the card. 

*Make sure that your cards are sorted in the exact order that they appear on your confirmation email. If your cards arrive out of order, please expect an additional delay of up to five (5) business days before completion of your buylist. Please note that in extreme cases of larger buy orders that arrive in no order at all, we reserve the right to either return the entire order at the owners expense or else assess a penalty of up to 20% of the final value of your buylist. We will contact you before processing your buylist if we intend to return it or assess a penalty.

The safest way to ship cards is to put them inside a deck box and then into a shipping box or padded envelope.

Please DO NOT send cards packaged in any of the following:

Card Sleeves (You can sleeve cards with an individual value of $20 and up)
Top Loaders (Hard Plastic) (You can use top loaders for cards over $100.00)
9 Pocket Pages
Card Albums

Or any other covering that involves removing the card from a protector. The labor fees incurred by doing so are severe and will DRASTICALLY REDUCE your final payment total.
All orders must arrive within 7 days of your buy list approval date.

* We give 20% more in store trade on all non-bulk items. Store trade can be used on all of our single cards and supplies only and may not be used for Sealed Product. Don't see anything you want right now? Don't worry, store trade does not expire so feel free to keep it until you find something you want.

* We do our best to maintain the highest buy prices on the internet. Our buyers are updating our buy
prices every single day to ensure that we are competitive on every single card!

* The MINIMUM amount for any sale MUST meet $20.

How do I sell cards to CoreTCG? (Please Read)

1. You can quickly and easily find the cards you wish to sell by either using our
search bar or by browsing the Products and Cards section to the left of the screen.
Once you've located a card you are interested in selling to us, just add it to your
Sell Cart. Please be aware that you must be in "Selling Mode" to sell cards to us.

2. To Edit your Cart or Checkout, simply click the "View Buylist/Submit" link in the
Cart Summary section.

3. Follow the system prompts to complete your sell order.

4. Wait for the approval email to arrive. After you submit your buylist, we have
to double-check that we want to buy everything at the posted prices. Usually this
takes less than one business day, but please double check this email when it arrives
because sometimes we do make changes.

5. Remember to package your cards securely and in the order that they appear on
your receipt. We don't want your cards to be damaged during shipment and neither
should you, so please take the time to make sure your cards are well packed and

6. Include a copy of your receipt in your package.

7. While we understand that sometimes there are delays in sending cards to us, we
do ask that all buylist submissions sent to us must be postmarked within 5 business days
of their acceptance. After that time, any prices we've offered are subject to change.

8. Please address all buylist submissions to:


9. While we don't require it, we strongly recommend that you purchase tracking and insurance for your
package. Occasionally things do get lost in the mail and we are not responsible for the post office's
mistakes, so in order to protect yourself and your package we do encourage you to spend the extra
couple dollars on both tracking and insurance.

10. We will send an email to you when your package arrives at our facility. Within two business days
you will then receive an email confirming receipt of all your cards and the conditions that they were
received in. Any cards we receive that we consider slightly played will be reduced anywhere from 25-50%.

If you are uncomfortable receiving a reduced price for Slightly Played
cards, please closely inspect the cards you are sending to us beforehand and include a note
or send an email to us stating that you would prefer us to send any non NM/Mint cards back to you at
your expense.

11. We have employees processing buylists 5 days a week and are normally able to process every single
buy order within one day of receiving it. We pride ourselves on prompt processing and payment of every
buy order that comes in. If you ever have any question about the status of a buylist submission that you
have sent to us, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately!

12. If you want to change your buylist submission for any reason before sending it to us, for instance to
remove a card from the list, please contact us or make a note on the invoice.

13. Once we have approved a buy order the seller is obligated to go thourgh with the sale without any changes. If changes needs to be made please email us prior to mailing your buy order. Once you ship out your order changes to your order can not be made.

*CoreTCG has the right to cancel or return any buy order.




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