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Delinquent Duo - DB1-EN024 - Super Rare - Unlimited Edition

Delinquent Duo - DB1-EN024 - Super Rare - Unlimited Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. This card may be activated if your opponent has only 1 card in his/her hand. [Re: Backup Soldier] If your opponent activates 'Delinquent Duo' and you chain 'Backup Soldier' with 2 pieces of Exodia and retrieve the other 3 from your Graveyard you win the Duel before you have to discard for 'Delinquent Duo'. This is because you check for victory conditions in between steps in a chain, (but not in between two separate effects of a single card like 'Graceful Charity'). [Re: Double Spell] The player who activates 'Double Spell' pays any costs for the selected Spell Card (for 'Delinquent Duo', 'Tribute to the Doomed', etc.). [Re: Fairy Guardian] Spell Cards that are eligible for this card's effect include: Set Spell Cards, Equip Spell Cards, or Continuous Spell Cards destroyed by your opponent's card effects and Spell Cards negated and destroyed by an opponent's 'Magic Jammer', 'Solemn Judgment', 'Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8', etc. It also includes Spell Cards discarded from your hand by your opponent's card effect, like 'Delinquent Duo' or 'Confiscation' and Spell Cards sent from your Deck to Graveyard by your opponent's 'Needle Worm', 'Don Zaloog', 'Vampire Lord', etc. [Re: Fusion Sword Murasame Blade] This card can be sent from your hand or your Deck to the Graveyard by the effect of 'Confiscation', 'Delinquent Duo', etc. [Re: Gravekeeper's Watcher] You cannot activate 'Gravekeeper's Watcher' against your opponent's 'Delinquent Duo' because it makes YOU discard, not your opponent. [Re: Life Absorbing Machine] Example: It is your turn. During your Standby Phase you pay 500 Life Points for your 'Terrorking Archfiend'. During your Main Phase 1 you activate 'Life Absorbing Machine'. Then you activate 'Delinquent Duo' and pay 1000 Life Points for its cost. You Set 'Seven Tools of the Bandit' and end your turn. During your opponent's turn they activate 'Reinforcements' and you chain 'Seven Tools of the Bandit' to negate and destroy it. Your opponent ends their turn. During your Standby Phase the effect of 'Life Absorbing Machine' increases your Life Points by 250 (half of 'Terrorking Archfiend''s cost) then again by 500 (half of 'Delinquent Duo''s cost). [Re: Magical Thorn] The effect of 'Magical Thorn' is applied when the opponent discards during the End Phase to make their hand size 6, discarding for the cost of cards such as 'Tribute to the Doomed', 'Cost Down', or 'Judgment of Anubis', and discarding for card effects such as 'Delinquent Duo', 'Confiscation', 'Robbin' Goblin', 'Morphing Jar' and 'Mefist the Infernal General'. [Re: Neko Mane King] When 'Neko Mane King' is sent to the Graveyard by the effect of 'Delinquent Duo' or 'Card Destruction', 'Neko Mane King''s effect is activated after those cards completely resolve all of their effects. [Re: Regenerating Mummy] You cannot use the same 'Regenerating Mummy' for both parts of 'Delinquent Duo''s effect. [Re: Serial Spell] 'Serial Spell' only copies the effects of your Normal Spell Card, not any costs of that Spell Card. So if you chain 'Serial Spell' to 'Delinquent Duo' you do not pay an additional 1000 Life Points.
Passcode: 44763025
Set: Dark Beginnings 1
Card Number: DB1-EN024
Card Text: Pay 1000 Life Points. Your opponent randomly selects and discards 1 card from his/her hand and then selects and discards another card from his/her hand.
Monster Type:
Rarity: Super Rare
Card Type: Normal Spell
Attribute: Spell
Name: Delinquent Duo
Edition: Unlimited

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